Pond Dipping


Pond dipping this will be a fascinating activity that will allow the kids to explore the hidden world beneath the surface of the bushcraft pond. Armed with nets and containers, the little adventurers gently dip into the water to capture glimpses of aquatic life. From darting water beetles to graceful dragonfly nymphs, each dip unveils a diverse array of creatures, both big and small. Pond dipping isn’t just about observation; it’s a hands-on learning experience that fosters curiosity and understanding of aquatic ecosystems. As the kids carefully examine their finds, they will gain insights into the interconnected web of life that thrives in and around ponds.


  • Location: meet Tony Oakwood Bushcraft & Forest School Stand 10min prior to class time.
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • It is recomended to bring a torch.
  • This classes proceeds will be donated to our designated chairty RE:ACT Disaster Response.
  • You must purchase a Bushcraft Show entry ticket before booking classes/workshops.

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Sat 12:00, Sun 12:00

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