Make a Bronze Axe Head


‘Go back to the Bronze Age and make your own axe head’. Come and learn how our ancestors made tools and weapons in bronze. We will safely instruct you how to create your own axe head in solid bronze. You will have the choice of three styles, including the axe-head used by ‘Otzi’. After watching a demonstration by cast-master Jonathan Cope, we will help you create your own sand mould ready for casting. Our furnace will then be fired to heat – 1,000 degrees! to melt the bronze. Whilst waiting you will learn more about the Bronze Age and handle some replicas. Jonathan will then pour the liquid bronze into the prepared moulds. Each participant will then break their bronze axes out of the moulds and quench to cool in water – lots of steam! After admiring your creation (photo -op) you can start work cleaning and polishing with provided tools and PPE – final finish is down to how much effort you put in. Your axe can be decorated, by you, with metal stamps if you wish. Welcome to the Bronze Age!



  • 10-14 with adult. 14+ solo.
  • You must purchase a Bushcraft Show entry ticket before booking classes/workshops.

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