Issue 107




3 Andrew’s Message
6 Readers’ Letters
18 In the News
91 Subscription Offer

10 Goin With the Grain by Marc Cox
20 What to Do If Stranded by Kyt Lyn Walken Allsop
26 Chanterelle by Natalia Banach
32 Longbowman by Kathryn Clover
40 Making a Start with Bark Tanning:
Salmon Skins by Thijmen Apswoude
46 Water Filtering by Ana
54 Kefi r by Tim Gent
58 Self Suffi ciency by Loft y Wiseman
64 Hot Tent Camping by Andrew Thomas-Price
68 Fire Starters by Paul Donovan
76 Becoming an Instructor. Becoming Yourself,
Part II by Jason Ingamells
84 Second Time Around by Lucy Rabone
92 Bushcraft the Guyanan Way by Anders Andersen

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