Issue 105




3 Andrew’s Message
6 Readers’ Letters
18 In the News
91 Subscription Offer

10 Firewood by Tim Gent
20 Solo Outdoor Safety by Dawn Corkish
26 Keeping Clean with Wild Plants by Kathryn Clover
32 Versatile Mopane Tree by Paul Donovan
40 Late Winter Bushcraft and Stars by Lizzy Maskey
46 Waxing Historical: How Beeswax Shaped Civilizations
by Phoebe Lamb
54 More Thoughts on Capturing Photographic Images of Wildlife
by Mal Ingham
58 R and R by Lofty Wiseman
64 Footwear: A Tracker’s Perspective by Kyt Lyn Walken
68 Lacto-Fermentation by Ana
76 The Secret of Teaching Craft Secrets by Marc Cox
84 Bushcraft Fundamentals: Basic Knife Skills by Chris Murnin
92 Escape and Evasion Kit for the 21st Century
by Andrew Thomas-Price

3 Win two weekend tickets to the Bushcraft Show in May,
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