Issue 104



With huge news about Jason/Woodland Ways and the Maasai, exploring poisonous fungus with Lofty and a brand new addition from Diana Jones “Flint Tools & The Human Expression”, your latest edition is roaring its way through the printing press as we speak!


3 Andrew’s Message
6 Readers’ Letters
18 In the News
91 Subscription Offer

10 Potassium Permanganate by Paul Donovan
20 Winter Bushcraft by Lizzy Maskey
26 Honey: Nature’s Preservative by Phoebe Lamb
32 Winter Fungi by Natalia Banach
40 Wild Sweets by Kathryn Clover
46 Flint Tools and Human Expression by Diana Jones
54 Refl ections on a Year Past by Mal Ingham
58 You Are What You Eat by Tim Gent
64 Poisons by Loft y Wiseman
68 Food Canning by Ana
76 Christmas Gift Guide
84 Tarp Tension Trouble Shooting by Chris Murnin
92 Breaking Trail the Packraft Way
by Rich Harpham & Ashley Kenlock

3 Win two Craghoppers Co2 Renu Fleeces

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