Axe Forging | Free Demo

Witness the ancient craft of axe-making come to life in a captivating forging demonstration. Delve into the traditional method of crafting a laminate axe with a forge-welded bit, showcasing the timeless artistry and skill of blacksmithing. Experience the fusion of raw materials as they undergo the intense heat of the forge, merging into a formidable tool that has stood the test of time. This demonstration not only reveals the intricacies of the process but also pays homage to one of humanity’s oldest and most essential tools, embodying the fusion of heritage, craftsmanship, and innovation.

  • 16:30 hrs on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


  • Location: Thorn Wood Forge.
  • You must purchase a Bushcraft Show entry ticket before booking classes/workshops.

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Sat 11:00

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