Will Lord. Flintknapping Course: Mesolithic & Neolithic Blade Cores & Arrowheads

Learn the skill used by our ancestors to create a range of tools such as hand axes, knives, arrowheads and axe heads.


For those with an interest in the prehistoric era, this course offers you a great opportunity to understand the features and characteristics of stone implements.


During the day you will be introduced to the tools that are used for Flint Knapping and shown how and when to use them, You will have clear and well-presented demonstrations of how to make a range of tools covering 3 Periods of the Stone Age, Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. This means you will be shown how to make a hand axe, blade core for tools such as saws and burins, plus pressure flaking for producing fine arrowheads. When your day ends you will be pleased to know you keep the items you have made.


The ultimate companion for the Hunter Gatherer. which includes:

  • i) a blade core,
  • ii) flint saw (for x-cutting bones)
  • iii) a flint knife
  • iv) burin chisel (for the manufacture of bone and antler needles)
  • v) an arrowhead

Minimum age: 14 years

Duration: 2 hour

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