Sarah Day. Making Various Tools From a Deer Carcass

Using the complete lower leg section from a large red deer each student, using flint tools, will be taught how to break down this section into usable tools.
The course will provide the following skills and components:
  • Hock. Tough leather that is ideal for a knife sheath. This needs cleaning, drying, scraping free of connecting tissue, then stabilising.

During this process the attendee gains a glimpse of basic tanning and uses of a flint scraper.

  • Tendons. This element looks at how to separate the tendons and then ply them together to make super strong tendon cordage.
  • Bone. The bone will be scored and shaved using flint tools to produce either needles, awls, harpoons or fishing hooks.
  • Hoof. We shall demonstrate and learn how to make glue from the hoof

Minimum age: 12 years

Duration: 3 hour

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