Parang Making 2 Day Course

Spread over two x 1/2 day sessions you will be guided by a team of expert Blacksmiths in the noble art of making this fine but incredibly robust tool, indigenous to the Malay Peninsula, Indonesia, Philippines, Borneo as well as many other areas of S.E. Asia.
You will forge, refine, heat treat and then finally handle your very own traditional Parang.
Paraphrased from Wiki: “Like the Machete, the Parang is frequently used in the jungle as well as being a tool for construction, furniture, and tools. The Parang has been noted by our dear friend John “Lofty” Wiseman in his iconic SAS Survival Handbook for this use.”
Duration: Approximately 3.1/2 hours on Sunday AND 3.1/2hours on Monday.
  1. Sunday  0900 – 1230/1300
  2. Monday 0900 – 1230/1300
Duration: 3 hour30 minute

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