Onion Launchers!

Working as part of a team (you are welcome to bring your own team of up to 4 or otherwise you’ll be placed in a team upon arrival at the battleground), you’ll have a one hour time window to design, build and then test your trébuchet – style device. The object of the exercise is to challenge your capabilities, team bonding skills and ultimately your ability to launch an onion the furthest distance!


You will be provided with:

  • Wooden poles
  • Some string/cord
  • One bungee
  • An onion holding receptacle
  • Encouragement!

Once the Marshalls have scrutinised/checked the safety of your teams’ device, let battle commence!


The rules are simple; Teams will be allowed three launches, and the furthest distance wins.


There will be a small prize for the winning team – you have to eat a raw onion (just kidding).


The decision of the judges is final. Good Luck!


  • Children under the age of 14 years to be accompanied by an adult please

Nominal fee of £1.00 (to be donated to this years main charity Gurkha Welfare Trust)

Duration: 1 hour30 minute

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