The KidsZone at The Bushcraft Show 2024 is a truly magical and safe place for your child to gain independence and confidence whilst having fun,  learning new skills, and making new friends along the way!
Each three-hour session is jam-packed full of amazing activities & challenges. Included in your admission fee is one major activity (normally, fee paying) such as canoeing, climbing wall, tree climbing in addition to numerous bushcraft activities – session dependant.


The KidsZone at the Bushcraft Show 2024 is likely to be an exciting and educational area designed specifically for younger attendees to engage with various aspects of bushcraft and outdoor skills in a fun and safe environment. Here are some activities and features you might expect to find:

  1. Nature Walks: Guided nature walks tailored for kids to explore the surrounding environment, learn about local flora and fauna, and appreciate the natural world.
  2. Craft Workshops: Hands-on crafting sessions where children can learn traditional bushcraft skills such as weaving, cordage making, and wood carving.
  3. Fire Lighting Demos: Supervised demonstrations on fire lighting techniques appropriate for children, emphasizing safety and responsibility.
  4. Shelter Building: Interactive sessions teaching kids how to construct simple shelters using natural materials, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.
  5. Wildlife Encounters: Opportunities for children to observe and interact with wildlife in a controlled and educational setting, possibly featuring live animal demonstrations or talks from wildlife experts.
  6. Storytelling Sessions: Storytellers sharing tales of adventure and survival in the wilderness, inspiring children’s imaginations and love for the outdoors.
  7. Games and Challenges: Fun games and challenges designed to teach teamwork, navigation skills, and other fundamental bushcraft abilities in a playful manner.

Overall, the KidsZone at the Bushcraft Show 2024 aims to inspire a love for nature, foster a sense of adventure, and impart valuable outdoor skills to the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.


  • On arrival report to James and Amy at the KidsZone desk to find out more information.
  • For Kids aged 5 to 16 yrs
  • You must purchase a Bushcraft Show entry ticket before booking classes/workshops.

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Sat 09:00, Sat 14:00, Sun 09:00, Sun 14:00, Mon 09:00

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